Wednesday, April 9, 2014

City Slicker To Dirt Digger

Last week I shared with you some of the new things going on in the brownie home. Among the biggest change,  is our attitude toward health and food. We are 100% committed to better eating habits and ultimately, better health. As a family, one of the ways we plan to improve our health is by growing a garden.

I personally have always wanted to grow a garden, but never had an opportunity until now. Growing up in the city, I have always fantasized about life in the country and living on a farm. Often as a teenager, I would lay on my bed  in my room and listen to the Dixie Chicks song," Cowboy Take Me Away", and dream about what it would be like to live on a farm and grow my own food. My favorite lyrics from this song  are, " I said I want to touch the earth. I want to break it in my hands. I want to grow something wild and unruly. "  These words perfectly describe the passion I have developed for gardening over the last few weeks.I've been soaking up all of the information I can get on gardening by attending classes and reading books. I can't wait to share with you what I've learned.

I have discovered gardening has so many benefits. Gardening provides great excercise, great expossure to sunlight and vitiman D, and great fresh food. Also, lets not forget the financial benefits of growing your own food. Gardening is one of the cornorstones in our new family health plan.  Speaking of plans, here is a look what we're growing and where.

Garden Plan: Spring/Summer 2014

Brownie Family Farm (the backyard)
Bush Beans (Green beans)
Purple Hull Peas
Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Basil

Growing Together Community Garden
Green Onions

Breaking up the soil in my raised bed plot at the Growing Together Community Garden.

Working hard!

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