Food Allergies

Meet Catherine. She has multiple food allergies.

Catherine was diagnosed with multiple food allergies at 13 months. Before her diagnosis, Catherine suffered from eczema, acid reflux, and other stomach problems. It wasn't until I gave her peanut butter for the first time, and her lips swelled, that the link between the food she eats and her reactions was clear.

Catherine was tested for all of the most common allergies. We soon discovered she was allergic to peanuts,soy,eggs,milk, and wheat. Although food allergies are very common in children, I was not prepared for our new reality.

One in four children suffer from food allergies. This rate is even higher in minority children.  Chances are you know someone who suffers from food allergies , or at least know a family who is affected by them. It could be a neighbor, classmate, or a child in your youth group.

Let's face it the population affected by food allergies is growing. Like Catherine's peanut allergy, some allergies are life threatening. Other food allergies cause discomfort for the one who suffers from them, but no matter the effect, we have a responsibility to protect our children.

One of my goals with this blog is to spread awareness about food allergies and to share our journey as a family. I pray that by sharing our journey, we inspire and encourage other families facing the same issues. To read more about Catherine's story, click the link below. 

Below I have listed some links that have helped me.Please know I am not a doctor and the information I give is not to be used in place of a doctor.

 Catherine's Story

Websites I love:

  1. Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network- This site offers a wealth of information for people or parents of children diagnosed with food allergies. The network also has local chapters for you to meet other families in your area. 
  2. Whole Foods- One of my favorite health food stores. Check your local store for community events.
  3. Trader Joe's- Another great store. All products sold are Trader Joe's house brand so it usually cost less.
  4. Baby Center- This site is has been a go-to source for me during pregnancy and now for parenting issues.
  5. The Kitchn- Great recipes! 
  6. Apartment Therapy- Great decorating ideas.
  7. Food Allergy Mama- One of my favorite food allergy blogs.
  8. Penzey's Spices- My favorite spice store. Sign up for their catalog and receive free coupons.

Books I Love: 

The Food Allergy Mama's Baking Book, Kelly Rudnicki


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